Couple found guilty of attempted murder in stabbing of pregnant Mililani woman

10pm report: Couple found guilty of attempted murder in stabbing of pregnant Mililani woman
Casey Ann Jones
Casey Ann Jones
Jessica Hinebaugh
Jessica Hinebaugh
Michael Ayala
Michael Ayala

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A man and a woman were found guilty of attempted murder Friday in the stabbing of the woman's then-pregnant sister.

It took a circuit court jury just five hours to convict Michael Ayala and Jessica Hinebaugh for trying to kill Hinebaugh's sister, Casey Ann Jones.

Neither Ayala nor Hinebaugh showed any signs of remorse as the verdicts were read. Hinebaugh smiled several times, even after she was convicted. Ayala stuck his tongue out and rolled his eyes.

Jones had testified that Hinebaugh held her down as Ayala stabbed her with a dull knife in her Mililani home in Oct. 2013.

"There were a couple of themes that came out of this trial, one of which was the betrayal of a beloved sister whom the sister took in, cared for and provided for," said Deputy Prosecutor Scott Bell.

Prosecutors said Hinebaugh was motivated by a family dispute, claiming Jones abandoned her when she was a child, leaving her with their abusive father.

Jones testified Wednesday that even though her sister tried to kill her, she still loved her.

"Do you still love Jessica," she was asked by a defense attorney.

"I don't understand," Jones replied.

She was asked again, "Do you still love Jessica?"

"She's still my kid sister," she responded. "I want to hate her. I want to hate her. But I can't I'm always going to love her."

Meanwhile, prosecutors pointed to the callous nature of Ayala, "who was a complete stranger to the victim, who was unwelcome in the home and who lay in wait with his co-defendant to violently assault this innocent woman," said Bell.

Prosecutors had said Ayala not only stabbed Jones in the back, he also hit her several times with a baseball bat as Hinebaugh held her down.

"At one point, I begged them to take me somewhere else and kill me," said Jones. "Don't leave my body here for my husband to find it."

Hinebaugh was still smiling as the two were led away. They face a maximum term of life in prison with the possibility of parole when they are sentenced in June.

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