Hawaii gets 1 million air seats in March

Hawaii gets 1 million air seats in March

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaii will get 1,042,073 air seats in March, up 6.9% from last year, the Hawaii Tourism Authority and the Hawaii Department of Business, Economic & Development report.

The extra air seats – about 77,000 of them – come mostly from the U.S. mainland, though there will also be more seats from Australia (up 25%) and Canada (up 14%) as well as from Beijing, where Hawaiian Airlines now has service.

That will more than offset declines from Shanghai, Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo, as unfavorable currency exchange rates deter some Asians from taking international vacations.

Even in Japan, seats will be up 8% from one city, Osaka. Japan Airlines reported a few days ago that its international traffic was down, and indeed down on other routes more than to Hawaii.

Most of the extra seats are coming from the West Coast:

  • Seattle: 80,016, up 26% from 63,480 last year.
  • Portland: 32,097, up 3% from 31,251.
  • San Francisco: 98,453, up 20% from 81,780.
  • Oakland: 29,750, down 0.5% from 29,874.
  • San Jose: 30,076, up 36% from 22,159.
  • Los Angeles: 207,891, up 6% from 195,970.
  • San Diego: 22,643, up 10% from 20,575.

Maui is the biggest beneficiary of extra air capacity. Kahului airport is expecting 1,091 flights this month, up 14% from 958 flights in March 2014.

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