Hawaii lawmakers consider raising legal smoking age to 21

Hawaii lawmakers consider raising legal smoking age to 21

Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - People who are younger than 21 years old could be banned from smoking traditional or electronic cigarettes under a proposal in the Hawaii Legislature.

The House Committee on Judiciary heard testimony on the bill Tuesday.

Some University of Hawaii students say they're noticing more students using electronic cigarettes on campus. Advocates of a ban say tobacco companies are targeting young people. They say some electronic cigarettes are flavored with fruit punch.

Opponents say if 18-year-olds are considered mature enough to vote, join the military and serve on juries, then they're old enough to make their own decisions about smoking. Other opponents say electronic cigarettes shouldn't be included because they're not proven to be unsafe.

Another bill would ban smoking traditional or electronic smoking devices, regardless of age, in state parks.

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