Guam eyes nets to battle rhinoceros beetle

Guam eyes nets to battle rhinoceros beetle

HAGATNA, Guam (AP) - A Guam pest eradication expert says nets proven effective at catching invasive rhinoceros beetles are expected to arrive on the island in March.

Rhino Beetle Eradication Program chief inspector Roland Quitugua told Guam mayors last week that preliminary data shows the nets work "very well." He says the nets also are cost-effective.

Pacific Daily News reports that the beetles first became widespread on Guam in 2007. The beetle damages and kills trees by burrowing into them.

Quitugua says the nets have holes that are large enough for beetles to get through, but not large enough for them to escape.

He says the nets can be placed on top of waste piles where the beetles tend to breed.

According to Quitugua, ultraviolet light is another way to trap the beetles.

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