Ewa Beach family reunited with pet tortoise

Ewa Beach family reunited with pet tortoise

EWA BEACH, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - An Ewa Beach family was reunited with their pet tortoise, nearly a week after he went missing.

Koopa, a 30-inch long, 100 pound Sulcata tortoise, apparently pushed through the front gate of the family's Kalapu Street residence sometime last Tuesday evening.

Ferlyn Baclig said Koopa was spotted the same night he left the yard, walking up and down the street toward the main road. A man who saw the tortoise told Baclig that “he couldn't just leave him alone to get hit by a car, so he picked up him and brought him home.”

That turned out to be three streets away from the Baclig residence. The man had no idea who the tortoise belonged to until after a story about Koopa aired on Hawaii News Now.

Baclig and her family were able to retrieve Koopa and bring him home Monday evening. He rejoins his companion Sophie, a smaller female Sulcata tortoise.

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