Tantalus Drive littered with trash

Tantalus Drive littered with trash

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The view from atop Tantalus is mesmerizing.

"Breathtaking. I'm originally from Florida, we don't have any mountains. So coming here and seeing this, it's just extraordinary" said Army Sergeant Jonathan Bland, who stopped off while taking a motorcycle ride around town.

"Today's a really nice day actually, the sun is out, clear blue sky" said Tammy Dias. The Pearl City resident was catching a moment of serenity with her family, after visiting her father in law's plot at Punchbowl.

From the lookout on the side of Round Top Drive, one can see everything from Diamond Head, to Waikiki, to Manoa, to trash. Piles and piles of trash.

The popular pull-off spot has become an unofficial dump.

"It's sad. We've never seen it this bad before. The last time we came up here, maybe a year ago, there wasn't any of this stuff" said Dias.

"The only way to describe it is laziness. You're less than 15 feet from a trash can, you've got graffiti, trash on the ground...it's just lazy" echoed Bland.

Three trash cans stood mostly empty, while all kinds of trash littered the townside embankment. A Christmas tree, a tire, and countless liquor bottles were spotted.

A sad fate for an unofficial ambassador for the state.

"Tourists come up here to actually to enjoy all of these things: the sights, Oahu itself, paradise. Then you look at this and it's like 'what kind of paradise you actually live in?" Dias asked rhetorically.

Hawaii News Now contacted the City and the State to see whose jurisdiction the lookout falls under. The City said it was the State's responsibility. The State said it was the City's.

Bland said it's neither. "It's every individual's responsibility to clean up".

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