Ewa Beach family missing big pet tortoise

Ewa Beach family missing big pet tortoise

EWA BEACH, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - At a home in Ewa Beach, you'll find a tortoise named Sophie. She's a family pet, but she's supposed to have a partner.

That partner is named Koopa. He and Sophie are Sulcata tortoises, a species native to northern Africa.

"We had the little turtle since she was a baby, and we just wanted to get her a partner, and we ended up purchasing a much larger partner for her," said Ferlyn Baclig.

Koopa came into the family about five years ago. He's now at least three times Sophie's size, about 30 inches long and weighing about a hundred pounds.

"When he's out in the front, everyone comes to the gate and everybody wants to touch him adn feed him," said Baclig. "He gets a lot of attention."

Koopa's big size likely helped him escape the family's yard sometime Tuesday evening, when no one was home.

"He's a bulldozer," said Baclig. "He will ram into everything and we usually have chains on the gate, but we think he just rammed through and pushed his way out of the gate."

Baclig and her family checked with their neighbors up and down Kalapu Street, but no one was seen him.

Contrary to the stereotype, Sulcata tortoises can actually move relatively quickly when they want to. Baclig believes he may have grazed a little bit, and then made his way down the road.

"He's hard to not see. Probably someone saw him, picked i up, didn't know where he belonged. I don't know. He's somewhere. Someone has him."

The tortoises require a lot of care. Baclig said they like to graze on grass and also are fed a special diet. They also can't eat fruits or vegetables.

"We miss him a lot. And hopefully someone will come forward and bring him back to us."

Anyone with information on Koopa can call Baclig at 542-4094, or contact the Hawaiian Humane Society.

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