Local Connection: Robert Allenby

Local Connection: Robert Allenby

By: Rick Blangiardi

It's been about a month since the bizarre tale of professional golfer Robert Allenby unfolded somewhere outside the amuse wine bar in the days after Allenby failed to make the cut at the Sony open.

Allenby said he was drugged and kidnapped shortly after 11 p.m. outside the bar on January 17 and insists he has no memory of what happened for the next two and a half hours. He said a witness saw him thrown out of the trunk of a car, where he lay bleeding, his wallet and credit cards taken.

Police were skeptical of his kidnapping claims almost immediately because Allenby said he was taken six miles away from the bar. but he ended up just a block away from the bar, where a few homeless people helped him get a cab back to his hotel. the Golf Channel said he rang up a $3,400 tab at a strip bar.

Allenby was unapologetic, saying he never lied and still has no memory of that night. but all this time later, there has been no kidnapping case opened.

I suppose it's easy to make up a story by claiming a memory loss but Allenby owes the Sony open and the state of Hawaii an apology for creating international headlines about something that never happened.

People kidnapped and thrown in car trunks happens in Hawaii 5-0 not in real-life Hawaii. the sooner that Allenby owns up to his ridiculous tale, the better. Otherwise, don't invite him back.

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