Local Connection: HNN's 2015 plans

Local Connection: HNN's 2015 plans

By: Rick Blangiardi

Each year at Hawaii News Now, we take stock and look to the future.

We wouldn't have the success we have without your support and you continue to make us the top-rated news station in the state. for that, we are deeply grateful.

But we don't sit still and rest on our laurels. our plans this year are ambitious, starting with aggressive and more sustained neighbor island coverage. we realize we are the statewide media organization and as such, it is our responsibility to cover not just the breaking news stories on the neighbor islands, but regular, everday coverage as well.

Expect more reporters and photographers on more islands more often.

We are also transforming our sports department to something special. we will be expanding our sports team and introducing some new names and faces on air. you will appreciate their drive and energy as we make our sports report more comprehensive.

Finally, we are anxious to give you more long-form and in-depth specials that will illuminate and inform. Hawaii has such pressing social issues that we feel compelled to tell them in a way that goes beyond a two-minute package.

There's a lot more to tell but for now, we wanted to lay out some of our plans. we do everything with you in mind and we do not take you, or loyal viewers, for granted. Mahalo!

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