Waikiki public restrooms re-opened

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - "That is embarrassing".


"Somebody is not doing their job".

Those were just some of the reactions by Waikiki beachgoers on President's Day, when finding out three public restrooms along the beach were locked up.

On Tuesday, the Director of the Department of Parks and Recreation confirmed what sources told Hawaii News Now: the facilities were closed because of a toilet paper shortage.

Michelle Nekota said the lack of toilet paper wasn't due to the shipping labor dispute on the West Coast, just an oversight. She said the volume of users was more than the department anticipated, causing the closures.

"We had that yesterday and we will fix it" said Nekota.

These rest rooms are also closed occasionally due to vandalism and graffiti. Nekota says the toilet paper is often stolen. That's not an excuse for Monday's debacle, but she vowed it won't happen again.

"We'll make sure we have a surplus, first of all. And if we do have a lot of people, more than anticipated at the beach park, then we'll make sure we have the staff pick it up from the grocery store --- there's always toilet paper".

Well...not always.

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