Former high school football star acquitted of manslaughter; facing death threats

Former high school football star acquitted of manslaughter; facing death threats

Gerime Bradley embraced his attorney in court Friday after a jury acquitted the former McKinley High School football player of manslaughter.

Bradley killed 38-year old John Howard last March outside Howard's Ewa Beach home after delivering a kick to the chest. Howard fell and died of head injuries.

"I regret what happened to Mr. Howard that night," Bradley said after the trial, "I didn't mean anything towards him, my condolences to the Howard family, I'm very sorry. "

Bradley was a senior in high school on March 23, 2014, when he and two other teens drove past Howard's house. Bradley says the victim was outside drunk and instigated a fight.

Bradley was convicted of a lesser charge, assault.

"The jury reached the right conclusion in this case," says his attorney, Myles Breiner, "They weighed the evidence they heard (during) a week-and-a-half of testimony and concluded exactly as this case was ... a mutual affray."

Deputy Prosecutor Scott Bell says there was no question that Bradley caused Howard's death, but he says the jury struggled with the mindset of the teen when it all went down.

"I recognize and thank the jurors for their considered and deliberative decision," says Bell, "While the prosecution respectively disagrees with the result, it respects it nonetheless."

Bradley will be sentenced in April for assault, he is expected to get 30 days. But in a twist to the case, Bradley and his friends, the witnesses, have been getting social media threats.

Attorney Myles Breiner describes the posts on Instagram, "Soliciting -- it appears to be -- someone to attempt to kill them. Death threats in essence."

Honolulu Police confirm, they are investigating a case of witness intimidation.

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