Police: Pro golfer did not go to strip bar the night he partied in Hawaii

Police: Pro golfer did not go to strip bar the night he partied in Hawaii

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Honolulu Police confirm what Hawaii News Now first reported, that there is no evidence that professional golfer Robert Allenby went to Club Femme Nu the night of January 16, when he claims he was beaten, robbed, and kidnapped.

A Golf Channel report said he visited the strip club and spent thousands of dollars, but multiple police sources say he actually may have just passed out, for hours, on the sidewalk across from the Honolulu Wine Bar where he had dinner. Allenby claims to have a gap in his memory after leaving the bar. The same sources also say Allenby may have been drugged, something the golfer told the media in the days after.

While police say they are not investigating a kidnapping or assault, they have arrested someone for allegedly using Allenby's credit cards.

32-year old Owen Patrick Harbison is charged with multiple counts of theft and identiity theft. Police say the homeless man spent just under $20,000 using three of Allenby's credit cards.

Police sources say, in the two days that he had Allenby's cards, he bought clothes at Urban Outfitters and Ross stores and bought food at the Food Pantry and McDonald's. He also bought liquor and items like macadamia nuts from Longs and ABC Stores, he may have sold the mac nuts to tourists in Waikiki.

But at a press conference about the arrest, Honolulu Police said they are still working on how Harbison ended up with Allenby's credit cards.

We're not speculating as to how he got it," says Lt. John McCarthy of HPD's Financial Crimes Detail, "We know that he had it and that he used it."

Harbison was already in jail when he was charged with the new crimes. He was arrested on January 21, on a warrant. He violated his probation terms. Harbison was in court Thursday for the probation revocation. He asked to be back in a substance abuse center.

He will appear in court on the charges related to the Allenby case next week.

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