Hypodermic needles wash up at Ala Moana Beach

Hypodermic needles wash up at Ala Moana Beach
Louisa Slater
Louisa Slater

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Thousands of people visit Ala Moana Regional Park on just about any given day. So you can imagine the concern when some hypodermic needles washed up on shore Friday.

All of the needles were found in the shallow sandy area on the Diamond Head end of Ala Moana Beach near Magic Island. Lifeguards were first alerted by a woman who found one. They searched and found seven more.

Some of the syringes were clearly marked for insulin injections. Most of the needs were exposed with no caps.

Thankfully, no one was hurt, even through there were ea lot of people on the shore and in the water.

"If i were to see seven or eight in the same location, I would be concerned," said Louisa Slater of Waianae, who goes to Ala Moana Beach often.

It's unknown where the needles came from. it appears that some of them have been floating for quite some time. Wherever the needles came from, lifeguards think they were pushed in by the southwest winds, which have been flowing for days.

"I suppose, yeah, with the strong wind it might add that possibility of the drift from further out past the reef," said beach goer Rob Slater. "It's kind of an anomaly."

Lifeguards immediately removed the needles and combed the shoreline. After finding no other needles on the rest of the beach, they determined it was still safe to keep it open.

The state Health Department's emergency response office retrieved the needles for further investigation, but it's likely their source will never be found.

"I've never seen even one in the sand or the water any time that I've been here, so it has to be some kind of singular event," said Louisa Slater.

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