Naeem Williams sentenced to life in prison

Naeem Williams sentenced to life in prison

"A house of horrors." Those are the words U.S. District Judge Mike Seabright used when he sentenced Naeem Williams to life in prison for the murder of William's five-year-old daughter Talia.

"When we actually saw the autopsy pictures, I'd be at the airport and I would need a drink. I needed something to desensitize me," said juror Clarence Kaona.

"Gosh that was hard, I have a five-year-old granddaughter.When I would go home on weekends, I would see her and think about what he did. There's no way I could do anything like that. Not even close."

Talia Williams died in July 2005 after being beaten in the family's military quarters at Wheeler Army Airfield. According to testimony, she was tortured for months, starved, and duct taped, often after she soiled herself.

"I think the only solace we can take in the sentencing and from this entire case is that Naeem Williams will not be able to hurt anyone like this again," said FBI spokesman Tom Simon.

Williams, who wore a white prison jump suit and glasses, didn't express remorse for what he did.

"Maybe he told somebody he was sorry at some time but no, he never said it in court," said juror Jane Auten.

Meanwhile, William's lawyers asked that he be placed in a bureau of prison's hospital facility because he suffers from diabetes. But that was rejected by the judge.

"Oh gosh, I have diabetes," said Kaona.

"For him to ask for something like that I'm glad the judge put it the way he did."

With his sentencing, the Naeem Williams criminal case may be done. But the legal battles are far from over.

In July, the civil lawsuit by Talia's mother Tarshia Williams, accusing the military of neglect, goes to trial.

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