Honolulu gas prices fall below $3 a gallon

Honolulu gas prices fall below $3 a gallon

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Another week has brought another round of gas price declines. According to the AAA Hawaii Weekend Gas Watch, the current state average for a gallon of regular is $3.09, eight cents less than last week, 39 cents less than last month, and 93 cents lower than a year ago.

Not since June 10, 2009, has Honolulu's average gas price been under $3 a gallon. Today at $2.94, the price dropped by six cents a gallon since last week, is 62 cents less than last month and 98 cents less than on this date a year ago.

In Hilo, the average gas price is $3.10 per gallon, down three cents from last week, 56 cents less than last month and 86 cents less than this time a year ago. 

Wailuku's average is $3.32 a gallon, down 12 cents from last week, 41 cents lower than last month and 92 cents less on this date last year.

“Honolulu motorists probably can't believe they're seeing gasoline for less than $3 a gallon at the retail pump this week,” said AAA Hawaii General Manager Liane Sumida. “Hilo is within a dime of $3 a gallon gas, and elsewhere in the country, Idaho has the least expensive fuel at $1.88 a gallon. 

State and local prices for all over the nation can be found on www.fuelgaugereport.aaa.com.”

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