Leaking sewage pipe repairs estimated at nearly $6 million

Leaking sewage pipe repairs estimated at nearly $6 million

KAILUA-KONA, Hawaii (AP) - Officials on Hawaii's Big Island estimate it would cost almost $6 million to repair a sewer pipe leaking on the Keaukaha coast.

West Hawaii Today reports the Hawaii County Finance Committee voted in favor Tuesday of a bill to appropriate roughly $5 million on top of $1 million already targeted for fixing the pipe that sends treated sewage almost a mile into the ocean.

The County Council still must vote on the issue.

Wastewater Division chief Dora Beck says the county will hire a consultant with a remote operated vehicle to inspect the pipe and attempt repairs from within it. Beck says repairs should be completed by the year's end.

Beck says the leak is wastewater that is fully treated, posing less of a health risk.

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