Super Bowl Sunday also a big day for some local businesses

Super Bowl Sunday also a big day for some local businesses

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Super Bowl Sunday is a day for people to hold parties at their houses. But there are also some businesses that benefit from the big game.It's the busiest day of the year for Kaimuki's Boston Pizza. A steady stream of customers starts coming in two hours before kickoff, while the crew tosses more dough to keep up with the demand for the extra large pizzas.

"Probably two, two hundred fifty, somewhere in that neighborhood" is the number of pizzas sold during the day, according to owner Shawn Rubert.

That's also the number of people that show up at a Kailua home for an epic Super Bowl party. There's a tennis court, a swimming pool and a poolside bar, but despite the distractions, there are also several large screen televisions throughout the area.

"We got one 80 inch, two 70's, two 60's, two 50's, and the rest are 40's spread throughout the compound," said Irwin Santos, one of the party organizers.

Santos also said its a party that goes back several years. "The last decade plus. We lost count of the years we did this. But every year it gets great, it gets better, bigger, and we have a great time, awesome time."

It was noisy, but still a bit more intimate by comparison at the Ward Big City Diner.

"We invited our friends that typically would have been at our condo," said Thayer Goya of Makiki. "But this is a little more laid back atmosphere, so we just came down."

The day is busy enough that the restaurant takes reservations. "We don't normally on Sundays, but on this one, we do," said general manager Denise Lindo.

It was also a good Super Bowl Sunday for Ryan's Grill in Kakaako, where an enthusiastic crowd was drawn by food and drink specials and prize drawings.

Restaurant manager Kris Fleming said sales had been flat for a few years. "This year we decided to kick it up a little bit, you know, the stadium experience without the big ticket price."

Fleming said he was pleased with the turnout, and has plans to expand the day next year for Super Bowl 50.

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