Reaction to allegations surrounding UH men's basketball team split among fans

Reaction to allegations surrounding UH men's bball team is split among fans

MANOA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - As allegations of falsifying of documents, illegal benefits for players, and illegal recruiting practices surround the University of Hawaii's men's basketball team, reaction around fans and students is split.

"We have season tickets to multiple sports for the University of Hawaii, we support the university, I'm an alumni of the university, and it's really a disappointment if the allegations are true but hopefully they're not," said Georgette Meyer.

"I think this is an ongoing problem in college athletics and this is unfortunate this had to happen to our coach and he's paying the price for it," said student-athlete Robert Sisle.

UH has 90 days to respond to these allegations. After which, if contested, the NCAA has 60 days to issue its own response to that. Then, UH has a month to request a hearing. Once the hearing is over, a punishment could be handed down.

Some say a punishment could ruin the face of UH athletics and future recruitment for the school.

"I hope not. We have a great program here and I think it's one of those things that we'll deal with this and move on," said the school's Athletics Director Ben Jay.

"Unfortunately in college athletics, you have programs that sometimes bend the rules and that's why you have a compliance office and that's why you have athletics directors or regents that say, ‘Hey, do it the right way,'" said Laura Beeman, UH Women's Head Basketball Coach.

"I don't think it's gonna affect our recruiting at all. Kids wanna come over here and play great basketball and that's what we're giving them," Beeman said.

If the allegations are upheld, wins could be stripped, scholarships could be lost, and the team could even be banned from post-season play.

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