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Local Connection: Bike Lanes

By: Rick Blangiardi

If you build it, will they come? When it comes to the city's King street cycle track, not really.

The bike lanes, which are cutting into a busy traffic lane, are causing a lot of problems. besides the obvious problem of hogging the concrete, the lanes are still confusing people who are trying to park, waiting behind parked cars that motorists think are stopped and as our Jim Mendoza reported last week, hurting businesses.

Some shops along king street are reporting a cut in sales and customers are complaining about not being able to find entrances into the parking lots that service these businesses.

A few businesses told us that since metered stalls are moved further from sidewalks, people are just moving on without stopping.

When he introduced the concept, Mayor Caldwell said he would give the lanes a period of time and then decide whether to keep them or drop them. he firmly believes that reducing the number of cars on the road and replacing them with bicyclists is environmentally sound.

We agree. But perhaps not on busy King Street as the first experiment. and perhaps more thought about what these lanes would look like, how many people would use them and what would happen to businesses along the route.

Maybe it's time to regroup and get a public hearing together to find out how effective the cycle track has been and what its future should be.

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