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Local Connection: Nextera's Message

By: Rick Blangiardi

Nextera communications officials visited Hawaii News Now last week with a couple of message points for us. They said, we are not an enemy of solar energy and we play big in the field of renewable energy. Fair enough.

But as they also pointed out, customers of Hawaiian Electric Industries only care about two things: is my power working and when are my bills going to be lowered?

Much has been written about Nextera, with some mixed reviews, but this much is undeniable: they operate in 26 states and Canada and have $15 billion in annual revenue.

Nearly 60 percent of its current portfolio is in wind energy and the balance is in natural gas, nuclear energy, oil and solar.

they also pointed out that their customers of Florida power and light don't depend on solar energy because Florida residents pay about 10 cents per kilowatt hour for their electricity, while Hawaii residents pay three times as much.

Solar makes much more sense in Hawaii and Nextera promises to follow through on their commitment to increase renewables to 65 percent by 2030. Nextera also claims they will triple solar usage in Hawaii, lower customer bills by 20 percent and reduce our dependence on oil. if they do those things, then Nextera's proposed purchase of HEI will be good for Hawaii.

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