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Local Connection: Ige Inauguration

By: Rick Blangiardi

Governor David Ige made a wry attempt at humor during his inaugurationMondayy when he sought to introduce himself to those assembled in the capitol rotunda.

"My name is David Ige," he said. "After all, an inauguration is really an introduction of a new governor, a new administration, a new beginning."

David Ige really does need to introduce himself to the people of hawaii. even though he's been entrenched in the state house and senate for the past 29 years and has been through numerous debates and forums, many people really couldn't tell you what he stands for.

Ige shared some of what he stands for during his inauguration. and more is expected leading up to his state of the state address next month.

But now that the surprise has worn off of his historical victory over an incumbent democratic governor and the defeat of his Republican and independent rivals, Governor Ige can get to work.

He spoke about his upbringing as the son of immigrants and we know his father fought bravely for the famous 442nd regimental combat team in world war two.

We know that David Ige comes from good stock and is a decent and honorable man who will not ruffle easily.

We were encouraged when he spoke of not serving special interests, but the public's interest.

We think that's a great start.

He spoke much about the past, but the future is now, and our new hope is that the governor embraces this opportunity to lead head on and truly takes us into a better future

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