Golfer Robert Allenby stands by story, says he 'never lied'

Golfer Robert Allenby stands by story, says he 'never lied'

PHOENIX, ARIZONA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Different location, same story.

PGA Tour professional Robert Allenby held a news conference in advance of the Waste Management Open in Phoenix to answer questions about the ongoing investigation – and reports – about what happened to him the night of January 17.

Allenby initially claimed he was beaten, kidnapped, robbed and dumped in Honolulu that night after having drinks with friends that evening. "I never lied to anyone, I only told you what I knew, and what someone told me. That is the bottom line" said Allenby.

Since then, multiple reports have revealed discrepancies in his story. A homeless woman said she saw him just feet from the bar he was at. A Golf Channel report cited multiple witnesses placing him at a Honolulu strip club, and that he rang up a $3,400 tab while there.

Despite the reports, Allenby refused to budge on his story. "From about 11:06 to 1:27 am, I have no memory in my brain" he said. "There's a lot of trash talk out there. I'm okay with that, because I've got thick skin, but my kids are still growing, still learning".

Allenby has tried to shelter his 15-year old son and 13-year old daughter from the barbs, he didn't hold back in delivering some himself. When asked what he's learned in the past ten days, he responded "I've learned I have no friends in the media".

As for what happens next, Allenby expressed confidence in the Honolulu Police Department, and will use this tournament to heal.

"I love golf, and that's the reason why I'm here. If I didn't, I'd take this week off, and maybe the next month off."

The last question asked of Allenby was if he has taken a test to determine if there were any drugs in his system that night. He said yes, but walked off the podium without revealing what the results were.

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