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Pro golfer may have left out key details on his night in Honolulu

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Professional golfer Robert Allenby says there is a time gap in his memory of Friday, January 16, the night he spent in Honolulu.

The Australian says he was the victim of a violent crime, that he was kidnapped, beaten, stuffed into a trunk, and then robbed after eating dinner at a trendy bar.

But Golf Channel Investigative Reporter Rex Hoggard says he has filled in some of those time gaps. Hoggard says Allenby went to strip club Femme Nu.

"I found multiple sources -- both of them employees -- who said they saw him in the bar that night," Hoggard tells me by phone.

He says Allenby went there about midnight after leaving Amuse Wine bar with three people he befriended. While at the strip club ... The group ran up a tab in the thousands.

"I was just trying to find out if he was in there and one of the employees I spoke to, volunteered that yes, I saw him, he spent 34-hundred dollars," says Hoggard.

Hoggard spent five days in Hawaii trying to put together the timeline of Allenby's night out.

He says the new developments don't completely discount Allenby's statement -- who claims his memory is spotty and that he may have been drugged. He was found close to Amuse Wine Bar where the night started. He was groggy and injured. A homeless woman and a military man who helped him get back to his hotel.

"I don't know that we're ever going to get to the bottom of the story because Robert doesn't remember," says Hoggard, "And unless they catch someone (who) starts admitting what happened I don't know that we'll get the complete picture."

There is surveillance video of a homeless man using Allenby's credit card to pay for tens of thousands of dollars in clothes, alcohol, and other expensive items. But there has been no arrest.

Allenby is at a golf tournament in Phoenix this week and is expected to have a press conference.

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