New fuel leak on sunken ship discovered

New fuel leak on sunken ship discovered

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - For the second time this week, the state and the U.S. Coast Guard were forced to respond to leaking fuel from the Judy K, the 77-foot abandoned fishing boat that sank in Honolulu Harbor on Sunday.

It happened around 1 p.m. after the boat slid even further into the harbor.

"We have an estimated 100 gallons of additional diesel discharged into our containment boom," said Coast Guard spokesman Chad Pendarvis.

That's on top an estimated 50 gallons that spilled on Sunday. Many are not surprised by the latest leak.

"This boat has a troubled history," said environmental activist Carroll Cox, who has investigated several derelict boats still docked in Hawaii's harbors.

The Judy K was abandoned by owner Sapphire USA about a decade ago but the state allowed the boat to remain in the harbor as it fell into disrepair.

Despite its questionable seaworthiness, the boat has been used as an informal "party boat" by foreign crew members of longline fishing boats docked nearby, according to a recent email  to Pier 16 tenants from a U.S. Customs official.

Some of those parties have gotten so out of hand, that the Customs official threatened to deport anyone found drinking on the boat

"Vandalism, people drinking, there's been fights on it, it's been a problem," Cox said.

The Judy K is just one of several derelict boats that are still docked at the harbor. Just down Pier 16 sits the Lea Lea, which has been abandoned for years.

Cox says they're a ticking bomb.

"They have to have their bilges pumped, they have to be maintained. They'll eventually going to sink," he said.

DOT officials say the plan to salvage the Judy K and have issued a notice to the boat's last owners that they will be held responsible for the costs.

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