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Movie Review

     The new movie, BIG EYES, is based on the life of  Margaret Keane, the artist who painted big eyed children back in the 1960's.
     The actors are the best thing about it.
     You don't have to like the once wildly popular paintings of sad eye children to enjoy BIG EYES.
     Because what this fine film is really about is years of abuse suffered by Margaret Keane whose husband Walter,   convinced the world that he was the artist who created her famous paintings.

Walter: What's your name?
Margaret: Margaret. Wouldn't you rather flirt with those girls down there?
Walter: No I like you, Margaret.

     Oscar winner Christopher Waltz is glib and charming as the con man who seduces a single mother.

Walter: We're going to make a crackerjack team.

     And Amy Adams is completely convincing as the insecure divorcee with a child who marries this cad.     

      It isn't long before Walter is selling his wife's work and also taking credit for it.

Walter: The eyes are the windows of the soul. That's why I paint them so big. I've always done it that way.
Margaret: Why are you lying?  You were taking credit for something that isn't yours.
Walter: I was just trying to close a deal.
Margaret: These children are a part of my being.
Walter: I'm a salesman; you know buyers pay more if they can meet the painter.
Margaret: They couldn't meet me because you told me to stay home.
Margaret: What about honesty?
Walter: The painting says Keane. I'm Keane. You're Keane. From now on, we're one and the same.

        Margaret goes along to get along and when she objects, Walter threatens physical harm and warns her that if she reveals the truth, they'll lose all the money they're making.
         It's a textbook abusive relationship made all the more real by the skills of these two talented actors.

Margaret: It's like a mirage. From a distance you look like a painter. But up close there's not much there.  

        Director Tim Burton is most famous for quirky movies like Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands, but this time he's created a polished mainstream movie that anyone can enjoy.

        Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.   

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