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City gets tough on illegal dumping

WAIANAE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It's been 16 months since a Waianae trucking company was caught on video dumping tons of sludge from the Hawaii Kai Marina. And since then, SER Trucking has wracked up more than $51,000 in city fines but hasn't paid a dime.

Now the city is playing hardball.

"They are going to lose their property if they don't take care of their fines and we're kind of at the point that we're close to doing so," said City Councilmember Kymberly Pine.

The city has filed a lien against SER, which gives it a security interest in its property. The owner can't sell the property unless it gets the city's approval. And if SER doesn't pay its fines, the city can move to foreclose.

"My understanding is that you could go after a person's licenses, their driver's licenses, their business licenses," Pine added.

Many say that it's about time that the city is taking the problem seriously.

"This is just a first step. It's a long problem in a community like ours," said Johnnie-Mae Perry, Chair of the Waianae Neighborhood Board.

"This kind of activity should not be acceptable."

Pine said the city's crackdown is meant to hit violators where it hurts the most: the wallet.

"The reason illegal dumping continues is because they are making more money collecting the material and dumping it (even after) being fined. But that's no longer the case," she said.

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