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Former caregiver sentenced to a year in elderly neglect case

Jennifer Polintan Jennifer Polintan
Jennifer Polintan Jennifer Polintan
Nona Mosman Nona Mosman
HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Jennifer Polintan struggled to control her emotions as the judge read the terms of her sentence in court Wednesday.

The 36-year old will spend a year in jail, as part of the conditions of a plea deal.

Polintan was getting paid to provide constant care for 88-year old Nona Mosman, who was bedridden. The Attorney General's office says Mosman was prone to bed sores, and needed to be turned every two hours. She also depended on Polintan for feedings and changing. But investigators found that Polintan had another, full time job and wasn't with Mosman for about ten hours a day.

Instead, Polintan's relatives helped care for the elderly woman, which the State says, led to her rapid decline.

"Greed and apathy," says Deputy Attorney General Michael Parrish, "The results are often times bad when greed and apathy take the place of genuine care and love."

Polintan pleaded guilty to Manslaughter, but her attorney, Victor Bakke, says his client was very close to the woman and that Polintan is being unfairly blamed for her death.

"It's a little hard when you have somebody in hospice already, to then turn around and say... well now its somebody else's fault," says Bakke.

Nona Mosman's family wrote letters to the court on Polintan's behalf.  

Polintan did address the court during the hearing.

"I just want to apologize, about the whole situation," she said, fighting back tears, "I loved Nona I really did, and I cared for her like my own mother."

Polintan will begin serving her sentence later this month.

Two others have been charged in connection with the case, one has also accepted a plea deal, the other case is going to trial next week.

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