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Puppet helps teach social/emotional curriculum

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

St. Andrew's Preparatory School for Boys (The Prep) opened in August and is the state's only all-boys elementary school.

One part of their social/emotional curriculum is the use of a puppet named Ziggy. The puppet is part of a program that teaches the boys to identify and understand their emotions and those of others. It equips them with the tools to become productive, compassionate citizens of the world.

The Prep's director, Paul Burgess, collaborated St. Andrew's Priory School for Girls upper school division director and Ziggy puppeteer, Jen Grems, to make Ziggy a regular visitor to The Prep. According to Grems, she said the puppet, “Is a fun and creative way to teach the boys about having a growth mindset, using kind words, managing impulsivity and the social/emotional curriculum.”

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