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        THE IMITATION GAME is a crowd pleasing film about the mathematician who cracked the Enigma encryption device the Nazi's used during World War II.
        Not many people knew about Alan Turing before this movie was made, but thanks to the filmmakers, this brilliant and eccentric man is finally being recognized for saving millions of lives by translating thousands of intercepted coded messages that contained instructions for when and where the German military planned to attack.

Commander: Everyone thinks Enigma is unbreakable.
Turing: Let me try and we'll know for sure.

       Alan Turing, as played by Benedict Cumberbatch, is nothing if not arrogant, but nobody can deny his genius.
       And the English really need his brilliance to solve the Enigma device.

Official: Mr. Turing, do you know how many die because of it?
Turing: I don't.
Official: Three…while we've been having this conversation.

         At first, Turing prefers to work by himself. He may understand science and math but he's clueless about people.

I said we're going to get some lunch.
Alan, can you hear me?
I said we're off to get some lunch. This is starting to get repetitive.
What is?
I have asked if you wanted to come to lunch with us.
No you didn't you said you were going to get some lunch.

      Fortunately for Alan, a woman of extraordinary intelligence who does understand people, joins the group. Keira Knightley is terrific as Joan Clark, a woman doing the kind of work females were not officially allowed to take on in the 1940's.

 Joan: You are going to need all the help you can get and they are not going to help you if they don't like you.

       THE IMITATION GAME is a story of both triumph and tragedy. Turing cracks the codes and builds the groundwork for the first computers, but later he gets in big trouble for being a gay man at a time when homosexuality was illegal in England.  

      The film's only real  flaw is its conventional story structure. Anyone who sees lots of movies will be able to predict much of the plot.

       Still, the performance of Benedict Cumberbatch alone makes THE IMITATION GAME worth seeing. Cumberbatch lives up to his reputation as an actor's actor. His character manages to be arrogant and vulnerable, intelligent and socially inept all at once.
        Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.

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