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Waikiki fishing ban goes into effect

William Aila William Aila
WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Outgoing Chairman of the DLNR, William Aila, took an uncommon perspective on the bi-ennial Waikiki fishing ban set to go in effect at midnight, 2015.

"It's for the future, really, because we're borrowing from our children," he said.

While that thought may be abstract, past results of the one year ban are concrete.

"The information is real clear. The biomass goes up when it's closed, and goes down when it's open - of the targeted fish. All the other fish that are not targeted have benefited from this open and close season because their numbers have gone up," said Aila.

The borders of the no-fishing zone extend from the Ewa wall of the Natatorium to the Diamond head lighthouse, from the high water mark on shore to 500 yards out in the water. Those found breaking the rule will be subject to fines.

"It's a petty misdemeanor, but you're still going to go to court, you're still going to be inconvenienced, and it's not socially acceptable to be caught doing something you shouldn't be caught," said Aila.

Aila noted the cycle of closure and re-opening allows not only for the marine wildlife to flourish - but it allows for traditional customs to do the same.

"It allows for an area they can continue both Hawaiian traditional customary practices and local practices of teaching their children how to fish, teaching their children how to gather in respectable ways."

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