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Hawaii doctor starts mobile hangover cure business

Dr. Ed Campbell (standing at right) Dr. Ed Campbell (standing at right)
Kalani Guerreiro Kalani Guerreiro
Dr. William Haning Dr. William Haning
Marylynn Blanco Marylynn Blanco

Hangovers.  Is there a quick fix?  Or is it all just a hoax?

One Oahu doctor says he has the answer in the bag...an IV bag.

"What alcohol does to you is it makes you urinate more and more, and the more you drink, the less water you take in, so you get dehydrated. So really that's the root cause of the hangover symptoms, the headache, the nausea, things like that. So we are fixing, or at least trying to help out the problem, which is dehydration," said Dr. Ed Campbell.

Dr. Campbell has been a board certified anesthesiologist for 11 years. But he's not your typical doctor. He calls himself "The Hawaii Hangover Doctor." After a night out in town and a little too much to drink, the morning after can be rough. Dr. Campbell says he comes to you, whether it is your office, hotel room, or home.

His remedy: an IV solution with fluids and minerals.

Customers say it works like a gem.

"Great! 45 minutes with an IV and then you're done," Kalani Guerreiro said.

Packages are labeled according to how you feel so you know which one to get:

· I'm Never Drinking Again!! $299

· What Happened Last Night? $349

· What Is My Name? $399

Mobile hangover businesses have been popping up all over the country but Dr. Campbell says he is the first to bring it to Hawaii. Although some feel this is a hangover cure-all, others are raising doubts.

"I'm kind of concerned about that because I think if younger people start to drink and have these hangovers then they think that they can go through these kinds of treatments so that might actually encourage more drinking," said one man.

"I don't want somebody to make the assumption that I'll just get Dr. Campbell's treatment and I'll be able to drive home, that would be very dangerous," said Dr. William Haning, addiction psychiatrist at John A. Burns School of Medicine at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Dr. Campbell says he doesn't give any service to any one intoxicated. Plus, he says it's not just hangovers. He says his treatment is good for those who have the flu, food poisoning, marathon runners, and cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

"They can't eat, they can't drink, they just feel yucky. But I felt bad because we're taking all these chemotherapy patients first and we can't get to them until we're done with the appointments that we already had that day,” Registered Nurse Marylynn Blanco said.

"Something like this, it would be nice if someone could go over to their house and give them the fluids they need, because that's all they need," said Blanco.

Dr. Campbell says insurance doesn't cover the hangover part. But he is looking into what he can do for cancer patients.

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