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Driver killed in high speed fiery crash in Kapolei

KAPOLEI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A high speed crash and fire kills a man in Kapolei, despite heroic attempts by witnesses to save him. The early morning crash happened on Kunehi Street a few blocks from Kapolei High School.

A witness says he was sitting outside having his morning coffee when the Jeep Cherokee came speeding down the residential street and flew into the dead end and canal.

The SUV was charred in some places and melted in others.  Pieces scattered the area, even flying to the other side of the canal where it crashed.

"This person went roaring by here at a very high rate of speed. I was stunned. Then he hit the barriers and then went over into the culvert. I heard a big crash. Just for a second I sat there thinking did I just see what I just saw?" said Wayne Combs, witness.

He ran down and says the fire was already starting to rage. The car was on its side.  The driver was partially outside the windshield.  Witnesses tried to help.

"I finally broke the back windshield with a big rock I had found. I cut myself on the thumb trying to get the window out. I was yelling at the person who was still alive to try and get to the back of the car but he couldn't move," said Combs.

The fire was growing and so was the danger.

"I stepped back a few steps and then the first of three explosions occurred. A small one at first. I backed away and then a bigger explosion. Then I backed away another few steps and a bigger explosion," said Combs.

"The car actually combusted while we were almost next to it. We tried again and realized we can't get any closer. We probably would have got injured as well," said Nakoa Garcia, witness.

The man died at the scene.  Authorities say he was in his 40's.  No other cars were involved.  There weren't any skid marks which makes it seem like he didn't hit the brakes.

"I just wish there was something we could have done," said Combs.

"It's very sad anytime somebody loses their life. For the family we feel for them," said Garcia.

At last check there has been no identification of the dead driver.  An autopsy should be done Tuesday.  A toxicology check will be done to determine if he was under the influence.

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