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Lanikai Logjam

Sharon Geary Sharon Geary
Susan Fairbairn Susan Fairbairn
Chuck Gray Chuck Gray
LANIKAI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It boasts one of the most scenic beaches in the world but on Christmas day and the day after Lanikai resembled a shopping mall parking lot on Black Friday.

Over the past two days, hundreds of motorist and beach goers were trapped for hours on Mokulua Drive, as frustrations boiled over just as engines overheated.

"I don't think I've ever seen it as bad as yesterday and today," said Lanikai resident Susan Fairbairn.

"I walked down to the beach and thought it was Coney Island. It was just thousands and thousands of people."

Added Sharon Geary, also of Lanikai:

"It's just getting worse and worse, every weekend, every holiday. This is unacceptable."

The gridlock started yesterday as hundreds drove out to enjoy the warm Christmas Day weather. But by noontime, tiny Mokulua Drive resembled the parking logjams at a football game at Aloha Stadium.

The bridge to Lanikai became a bridge to nowhere, as drivers got stuck going both ways.

"One of the guys stopped his car in the intersection ... and he was waxing his car," said Lanikai resident Chuck Gray.

Other people were standing on the roofs of their cars ... People were walking around talking to their friends like it was Woodstock or something."

So why so much traffic?

"A beautiful day, a holiday. People want to go to the beach on Christmas," said Geary.

Residents also blame bad planning on the holiday weekend. One of the parking lots at Kailua Beach was closed for construction, forcing beach goers to travel further down in search for parking.

And here's some irony. Some blame traffic cops who were trying to help the situation near the Kalapawai Market.

"There was a police officer there directing pedestrian traffic with no regard to the vehicles that were backed up for hours in Lanikai," said Gray.

Two more officers arrived later to help ease the traffic... but too late to ease the frustration of people who spent their day off in the logjam.

"We're hostage here. It's like this weekend after weekend after weekend. You throw in a holiday and it's a disaster," Fairbairn said.

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