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Tantalus murder reminds neighbor of violent crime spree years ago

Tantalus Body Found Tantalus Body Found
Tantalus Neighbor Tantalus Neighbor
Adam Mau Adam Mau

The discovery of a body at Tantalus Tuesday brings back memories for retired federal judge Joe Gedan.

He lives just a few hundred feet from a small lookout in the 3700 block of Round Top Drive where the body of 53-year old Craig Jones was found.  Jones had been stabbed in the neck, his hands were bound and behind his back, his feet were also restrained.

"There were a bunch of police cars in front of my house and down the road," Gedan says.

He did not see or hear anything before the discovery, but says all the police activity reminded him of his own experience as a victim of a triple murder suspect.

In 2006, Adam Mau-Goffredo killed three people at Tantalus and then broke into Gedan's home. He pointed a gun at Gedan and then used scotch tape to bind him, his wife, and their housekeeper. Mau then stole Gedan's car. 

He was caught a short time later after an intense manhunt.

Gedan hopes Jones' killer is captured soon,"It appears, from the police reports, that he was killed someplace else and the body was dumped here," he says, "It sounds like an execution type killing."

Gedan says there isn't a lot of police activity on Round Top Drive, usually just car accidents, so it was shocking to see so many police officers and detectives earlier this week.

Honolulu Police are asking for help from anyone who may have seen something suspicious in the area earlier this week.  

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