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Stormy weather swamps state

Courtesy: Aaron Najera Courtesy: Aaron Najera
Courtesy: Hunter Kitagawa Courtesy: Hunter Kitagawa
North Kohala, Hawaii North Kohala, Hawaii
Storm debris runoff overloaded a river on the Big Island Storm debris runoff overloaded a river on the Big Island
swollen river in North Kohala, Hawaii swollen river in North Kohala, Hawaii
KAHULUI, MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Severe weather made the last minute holiday scramble a bit more complicated for parts of the state on Tuesday.

On Maui, the intersection of Puunene Avenue and Wakea Avenue in Kahului looked like a river.

County of Maui officials say public works employees are working to prevent major flooding problems by making sure drains are cleared.

Managing Director Keith Regan said there were no major road closures but there were other traffic problems.

“We still have some issues with some of our intersections and lights that may be malfunctioning due to the water but those are being worked on and should be resolved soon," he said.

The torrential rain caused delays in the Maui Bus operations. Some buses couldn't get out of Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Center because of major flooding. And although holiday shopping is in full swing, Regan is asking motorists to stay indoors if possible.

"They really do not need to be on the road; probably the best thing to do is stay home. But understandably, it is the Christmas season and people are trying to do their last minute shopping and just need to be a little more cautious while we're out there," he said.

While roads were swamped on the Valley Isle, storm debris runoff overloaded a river on the Big Island in North Kohala.

Crews worked to clear it a bridge that was blocked on Akoni Pule Highway that connects Kapaau to Pololu Valley.

One woman said her sister's nearby home was completely trashed with mud.

"The front yard was up to our neck,” she said.

Kauai is having its share of problems too.

The Hanalei Bridge was closed and the highway near Haena Beach Park is impassible due to high water from the Manoa stream. Hawaii News Now also learned that Red Cross there has opened a shelter.

The National Weather Service warns that heavy rains and thunderstorms will continue to be a threat statewide and excess runoff may cause rock and mudslides.

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