Hawaii Hydro Flask craze leads to theft

Hawaii Hydro Flask craze leads to theft

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - One of the hot holiday gift items this year in Hawaii isn't a toy, or an electronic gadget, but a bottle. Hydro flasks are insulated bottles which keep cold items cold, hot items hot, and don't sweat in the humid Hawaii air. Owners love them.

"Keeps my water cool, fresh , better than a plastic water bottle. Probably every girl has one," said UH Manoa freshman Chris Jaeckel. "I'm pretty sure 9 out of 10 people have one," added Chris Sakuma.

Hydro flask owner Kelly Ruan extolled the social virtues of the containers. "It's a fashion thing. People hold it around so you hold it around and it's convenient also".

However, their popularity is making them a target of thieves. The Down to Earth store in Kailua recently had more than $400 worth of bottles stolen. Other large retailers have also been hit. Individual thefts are common.

Said Ruan "One of my friends, she lost it and she freaked out and she was like if I see it around, that person's gonna get it." Fortunately, the person who took it also returned it—to the campus bookstore.

Businesses aren't relying on good citizenship. Multiple stores are either considering or are beefing up security measures to deter thieves.

For individuals, personalization like stickers or initials on the bottle is an effective deterrent.

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