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Bogus Waikiki parking stall duping drivers

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - On Namahana Street in Waikiki, it's pretty hard to find a place to park. The short block between Kuhio Avenue and the Ala Wai Boulevard is sandwiched between tall buildings and crunched by a shortage of space for people to legally park their vehicles.

"It's a popular street. There are very few parking spaces here." resident Patty Lookson said.

There are six marked stalls, outlined by those familiar white lines, and just a handful more curbside spots. Then there is one space that looks legit, until you look more closely.

"Somebody painted it in about two, three months ago," Tommy Kitajima said.

The painted lines aren't official lines, but they they have confused a lot of people. Duped drivers fall for it every day.

"There's always someone parking there and pretty often they get a ticket," Randy Howard said.

Wednesday morning an SUV got tagged for two violations -- parking out of a stall and too close to a driveway. A $70 hit.

"I've never seen anybody get towed. But it must happen." Howard said.

Namahana residents said this is not the first phony parking spot to pop up on their block.

"This one has lasted longer. Often they'll come out and then put black paint over it, the police will or somebody," Lookson said.

The city Transportation Department told Hawaii News Now this is the first it has heard of the bogus stall situation.

"We've talked to the cops about it too. It's probably resources. They got a lot to do," Howard said.

"There's no red. You know how the sidewalk usually has red paint if you can't park there?" Kitajima said.

The city said it will paint over the lines. Lookson said she hopes it's done soon.

"I do think it's very unfair to the people who get the tickets there because they really don't know," she said. "It would be a good idea if the city marked it No Parking."

That would clear up the confusion that's caught many parkers by the pocketbook.

If you spot issues like this call the Department of Transportation at 768-8321.

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