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Thieves strike Kailua family two Christmases in a row

1991 GMC 1991 GMC
KAILUA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It may not be a very Merry Christmas this year for the Meyers.

The Kailua family woke up Tuesday morning to an unwelcome surprise.

"He went outside, I got a frantic phone call and said somebody stole my truck," said Nichol Meyers.

Nichol is talking about her husband Randy when he found out his prized possession, his 1991 baby blue GMC, had been stolen from right outside their driveway. It's been with the family for 15 years.

"We live a very simple life. We don't spend a lot of money on materialistic things. We take of our kids and our family and to have the truck stolen from him, I thought, not again," Nichol said.

Criminals broke into Nichol's van this same time last year. They tried to hot wire it but were unsuccessful. Although they didn't get away with it, the wires were cut and fried and the van was a total loss.

"My husband's birthday is the day after Christmas…he works hard, he's a city bus driver. He works hard taking care of his family. We have our own family business too and to have that stolen from him, it's irreplaceable," she said.

Randy just repaired the truck's engine and transmission about a month ago. He loves to take his truck to go fishing. Nichol is trying to stay positive but is afraid it may be gone forever.

"I'm trying to stay in the Christmas spirit for my children but it's hard knowing…it's a '91…even though it was precious to us, it's not going to be worth that much, I don't think, to the insurance company." she said.

The Meyers just want their family vehicle back and if returned, no questions will be asked.

"Maybe the community can help us find this and maybe we'll have a happy Christmas after all.”

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