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Stabbing suspect has history of violence, mental illness

Chauncey Ingraham Chauncey Ingraham
HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The homeless man accused of violently stabbing a 23-year-old Kailua woman has a history of mental illness and violence.

Chauncey Ingraham, 30, was charged Tuesday with attempted murder, kidnapping and burglary for the attack that left the victim with a number of stab wounds on her neck, back and arms.

"This is a person who is mentally unbalanced and shouldn't be out in the community and of course, is not safe for the community," said State Rep. Cynthia Thielen, (R) Kailua.

"He should be in a mental institution and he should be getting help."

A mental health exam conducted in a separate 2013 case concluded that Ingraham posed a "high risk for violence to self, others and property" and that he experienced occasional "auditory and visual hallucinations."

During the exam, a psychologist pointed out that Ingraham spread his arms out "like an airplane" and proclaimed: "I'm the Red Baron."

The psychological evaluation came in a criminal property damage case in which Ingraham was accused of throwing a rock through the window of a Ross store.

Despite the report, he was deemed fit to stand trial. He later pleaded guilty and was released, without having to undergo further mental health treatment.

Attorney Eric Seitz sees a problem with the way the defense lawyers handled the case.

"They don't want to see them committed because typically that means they spend more time in the hospital than they would (in prison) if they were convicted," Seitz said.

"I believe that if you just release somebody he's going to go out and do what he apparently did."

Thielen says she hopes to introduce new legislation that would make it harder to release suspects believed to be mentally ill. She also plans to push for additional funding for treatment.

"We have a mental health problem and the end result is people are getting hurt," she said.

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