FBI Director visits Hawaii

FBI Director visits Hawaii

FBI Director James Comey made his first official visit to the Hawaii and talked about one of the fastest growing threats here and across the nation: cyber crimes.

Comey says the FBI it has hired more than 100 computer experts and is investing millions of dollars just to keep up with the criminals.

"There's a whole lot of international criminal gangs, very sophisticated thieves. I see people hurting kids, tons of pedophiles," said Comey.

"The cyber threat affects all of the FBI's responsibilities. It's where fraud happens, it's where kids get hurt and it's where terrorists increasingly go."

Comey also talked about the use of cyber attacks for spying.

"I see a tremendous amount of cyber espionage going on. The Chinese government being prominent among them looking to steal our intellectual property," he said.

The Hawaii office, which has about 200 agents covering the entire Pacific Rim, already dedicates a lot of its resource to counter-intelligence and national security issues.

In recent years, it has handled a number of high profile cases, such as the investigation into Noshir Gowadia, the engineer who sold B-2 bomber secrets to China and other countries, and Edward Snowden, the former Hawaii resident who leaked thousands of classified documents.

"Look, this is where a huge part of the nation's military, civilian and intelligence infrastructure is. So it's where foreign nation-states are going to come when they want to steal stuff from us," Comey said.

During his visit, Comey met with local agents and the new Special Agent-in-Charge of the Honolulu office, Paul Delacourt. He also held discussions with the local chiefs of police and U.S. Attorney Flo Nakakuni.

"We have very rich, deep cooperative relationships with law enforcement here and that is the magic of this place," he said.

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