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Man convicted of violent Manoa home invasion pardoned

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

It was one of Governor Neil Abercrombie's final acts in office, granting a pardon.

Shaun Rodrigues, the so-called Manoa Home Invader, was convicted in 2004 of breaking into a home, tying up the owner and her daughter, and robbing them.

The Hawaii Supreme Court upheld the conviction but Rodrigues always maintained his innocence and civil rights advocates, including the Innocence Project, rallied to free him.

He served six years and in 2011, was paroled.  He was supposed to remain on parole until 2025.

But on December 1, just hours before the inauguration of a new governor, Abercrombie signed one order which commuted his remaining sentence and another order pardoning him for his crimes.

Former Honolulu City Prosecutor Peter Carlisle questions the timing of the pardon.

"Beyond the eleventh hour, right up (to) the moment that you're leaving office. Why are you doing it then? Unless you've been putting it off and putting it off," says Carlisle, "And then the question is, why did you put it off this long?"

A list we obtained shows that Abercrombie has pardoned about 50 people in his four years in office, far fewer than his predecessors. 

A pardon does not expunge a criminal record, but does restore rights to vote, serve on a jury and run for public office.  In some cases, it restores the right to have a gun.

We did call Abercrombie to find out why he signed the pardon on his last day as Governor.  We did not hear back from him. 

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