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Battle between parking and privacy in Lanikai

LANIKAI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The city of Honolulu has begun cracking down on residents who have been blocking parking spaces in the high-end suburb of Lanikai.

Five citations went out Tuesday to the homeowners who illegally put large rocks in front of their homes.

John Dunn put boulders in front of his house to keep people from parking near his mailbox

Now he has been warned by the city's Department of Planning and Permitting.

"I know it was illegal, yes,” said Dunn.

“But I noticed so many of them around the loop...and they've been there for years," he said.

Two of the five homeowners cited this week had been warned before. The notice says they must remove the boulders within 20 days or they will be fined.

Residents, like Roger Tansley, are fed up with beachgoers not being courteous.

"It gets quite bad. Particularly when it's a holiday weekend and people come down here. There are no restrooms in Lanikai, the closest one is at the Kailua Beach Park. We found evidence of urination, defecation right on my fence," said Tansley.

Erin Robbins sympathizes with the homeowners but wishes there was an easier way to get to the beautiful beach than parking blocks away like she does.

"People are driving up onto their grass and stuff because they want to see the beach but there is nowhere for them to go," Robbins said.

"Especially being a local like, I feel like we should be able to come and see all the beautiful parts of it and it's really hard to park anywhere," she said.

However, it seems like the parking dilemma isn't going away soon.

“Are you gonna take them out?" we asked Dunn.

“Uhhh…I might,” he told us.

In the meantime, homeowners are asking for understanding.

"Lanikai is a beautiful place, it's here for everybody. We love it and we understand why people want to come here, but we do ask people that do come here, please respect us. We are a neighborhood not a tourist destination," said Tansley.

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