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Fisherman lost at sea for 12 days is enjoying life back on land

KAUNAKAKAI, MOLOKAI (HawaiiNewsNow) - People on Molokai say Ron Ingram isn't just tough, he's nice. He shares his catch and even saved a fellow fisherman's life by doing CPR on him after a heart attack. It's believed that good karma came back to help Ingram in his own time of need.

After 12 days lost at sea and presumed dead, 67 year old Ron Ingram and his boat were brought back to Molokai by the Coast Guard today. When asked how it felt to be back on dry land, he kissed the ground.

Thanksgiving Day he says a winter swell with 15 to 20 foot waves knocked him overboard, killed his engine and broke his radio antenna.

"I was out of water but I hydrated on fish. I'm a fisherman so I caught fish. It wasn't as good as the sushi bar but that's how I hydrated," said Ingram.

The Coast Guard had called off the search after four days. Friends were planning a memorial.

"Yeah I think they thought I died on this one. I thought I was going to die too," said Ingram.

He says it took mental discipline to stay alive and a little improvising.

"The antenna is up there on the mast. I tried to get up there and couldn't so I got a coat hanger and some wire and stuck it in the thing and got off a garbled transmission," said Ingram.

A Coast Guard ship picked up the signal and his location. 

"With their hard work and effort they saved my bacon," said Ingram, referring to the Coast Guard.

"He kept me alive for my son and he got it back. It's a miracle," said Mark Nagamine, the fisherman and friend Ingram saved.

"I believe there was someone watching over him when he was out there," said James Powell, friend and fisherman.

"It's a miracle really. I mean two weeks out at sea in Hawaii waters! It is a miracle," said Ben Bali, friend and fisherman. 

"This one was a doozer. I thought this was it. It wasn't my time I guess," said Ingram.

"Does this change your perspective on life?" 

"Yeah I'm really thirsty. I'm going to go get a beer if you guys want to join me," laughed Ingram. 

And sure enough, the salty old sailor found himself a drink. And has a good tale to tell.

"That's the best beer I've had in awhile," said Ingram, at the Paddler's Inn Bar.

Ingram says he'll keep fishing. It's in his blood. As for his boat, he says it's kind of like his old lady now and can't get rid of her now.

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