Honolulu Council may further expand sit-lie ban

Honolulu Council may further expand sit-lie ban

HONOLULU (AP) - The Honolulu City Council may add more areas to the list of places where people can't sit or lie down on Oahu.

It's already illegal to sit or lie down on sidewalks in Waikiki. As of last week, sidewalks were off limits in a handful of commercial districts across the island.

Now, the council is considering banning reclining in the outdoor malls where people shop downtown and in Chinatown.

They're scheduled to vote on Bill 62 Wednesday.

Opponents say the bans keep homeless people out of sight instead of finding real solutions.

But supporters say the outdoor mall in Chinatown is an important part of the community. They say leaving the outdoor malls out of the bans will encourage tent cities to pop up in those areas.

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