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No payout for Ben Jay as he exits UH

Ben Jay Ben Jay
MANOA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

University of Hawaii Athletics Director Ben Jay, who resigned Tuesday, will not be getting a payout or a fallback job like several other high-profile UH officials who have recently been fired or resigned.

First off, Jay is an administrator who does not hold a tenured faculty position like UH officials who come from academic departments.

Dr. Michele Carbone, who sources said was forced to resign as head of the UH Cancer Center in November, went back to a tenured faculty research position there.

Carbone's salary is decreasing by 25 percent to $309,000 but he still has that research job as long as he wants.

Tom Apple, who was fired as UH Manoa chancellor last summer, also had a tenured faculty position in the Chemistry department that he returned to.

As part of Apple's settlement to leave the chancellor's post, UH paid him $100,000 and he's now earning $299,000 a year as a professor, a pay cut of nearly one third from his old job in charge of UH's flagship campus.

Unlike former UH head basketball coach Gib Arnold, who was fired without cause earlier this fall, Jay does not have a buyout provision in his employment agreement.

Arnold was paid the balance of his $344,000-a-year salary when he was terminated in October.

"I want to make it clear that an AD position is not like a coach. This is not a case of contracts with buyouts and provisions like that," said UH Manoa Chancellor Robert Bley-Vroman.

Bley-Vroman said Jay will continue to run UH athletics and be paid his current $293,000-a-year base salary through the end of June, as long as he keeps working at UH.

Jay could leave UH earlier than June for a new job, although he didn't announce any specific plans today.

Jay will not get any cash payouts or be paid the balance of his salary if he leaves UH before June 30, Bley-Vroman said. Jay will be paid as long as he continues to work at UH, the chancellor said.

Under Jay's offer letter signed in December of 2012 by Apple, his appointment was for three years ending in January of 2016, followed by a two-year extension.

Jay's employment agreement calls for him to be paid up to 16 different bonuses on top of his $293,000 base salary, “when funds are sufficient to cover the payment of the bonuses.”

Among the bonuses: $7,500 if the football team competes in a bowl game; $12,500 if the men's basketball team appears in the NCAA Sweet Sixteen; $5,000 each if the men's or women's volleyball teams participate in a championship tournament.

There are additional bonuses for academics, including $15,000 if the average grade point average of UH athletes is greater than 3.0, something that's happened in the last two years under Jay.

There's also one bonus that's certainly out of reach for Jay: $15,000 each year that the athletics program has a year-end balanced budget. The athletics program is on track to have a deficit of more than $3 million for the fiscal year which ends June 30, Jay's last day at UH.

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