Support split for cycle track on King Street

Support split for cycle track on King Street

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The cycle track's real first test since opening on Saturday was the busy Monday commute.

During the evening commute, we counted about two bicyclists per minute or about 100 an hour pedaling by.

The riders seem to love it, but some business owners and drivers say it's a waste of money.

Serena Waddel rides her bike to and from work in town every day. She has a car but chooses to bike instead because she says it's healthier and now safer.

"I think it's the best thing that Honolulu has done in a really long time.  It's really improved biker safety and just makes it so much more comfortable to ride," she said.

Andreana Gaspar Agcaoili lives right above the bike lane. She says so far, so good.

"I see bikers at least every day using it so hopefully now that it's officially open, a lot more bikers will be using it," said Gaspar Agcaoili.

The city's $100,000 project extends from Alapai Street to Isenberg Street. It's part of a pilot program and the city is already planning for new cycle tracks to connect to it.

Brian Kimata, owner of Brian's Fishing Supply on King Street, says it's a waste of taxpayers' money.

"I don't see an improvement in traffic, it's not flowing any smoother, and it's definitely backing up more. I don't see it being greener because the cars back up every afternoon. They're sitting there idling and it's not very many people using the bike lane," Kimata said.

Kimata has been at his location on King Street for 26 years. He says his business is taking a hit because of it.

"I think that's true of everybody because I walked down the whole length of King Street talking to the businesses about it and yeah it's hurting everybody," said Kimata.

But Kimata feels it's already a done deal and he says relocation isn't an option. So he's just going to ride it out.

In the future, the City is looking at possibly down Ward, Piikoi and Pensacola to add more cycle tracks.

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