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English actor Eddie Redmayne gives a masterful performance as the world famous scientist and author, Stephen Hawking in THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, a polished biopic that focuses on Hawking's marriage to Jane Wilde, the woman who was determined to be with him even after he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease.

The famous couple meet as students at the university of Oxford. At the time, Stephen is a healthy but shy and rather awkward young man. Jane is played by Felicity Jones, a terrific English actress.
Stephen: Hello.
Jane: Hello.
Stephen: Science.
Jane: Arts.
Stephen: I'm a cosmologist.
Jane: What's that?
Stephen: I study the marriage of space and time.

Stephen is instantly smitten, and it's easy to see she is quite taken with him. But all too soon their budding relationship is put to an awful test. After a bad fall, Stephen is diagnosed with ALS and given just two years to live.
Jane: I want us to be together for as long as we've got, and if that's not very long, well, then, that's just how it is. It'll have to do.
Stephen: You don't know what's coming. It'll affect everything.

And Stephen's gradual deterioration does affect his body drastically, but his mind remains strong and his scientific thinking impresses all his professors.
Prof: A black hole at the beginning of time. An extraordinary theory.
Stephen: Thank you.

Thanks to Jane, Stephen survives a bout with pneumonia though the tracheotomy that saves him also causes the permanent loss of his voice. Soon though, he acquires the computer voice program that speaks whatever he types.

And of course, he goes on to write the classic book, A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME, and to become one of the world's most brilliant physicists.

But for the wife who devoted most of her energy to taking care of him, life becomes more and more of a trial especially after they've had three children together. Can this amazing woman put her own life aside indefinitely?
Although the film somewhat sanitizes the couple's life and is fairly conventional in its storytelling, THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING is so well made that it's sure to move mainstream audiences and could very well earn Oscar nominations for both Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now                 thunter@hawaiinewsnowcom

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