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Thieves disable surveillance camera system in Wahiawa break-in

WAHIAWA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The home is decades old, while the technology to keep thieves away is the latest available. But the burglars in this case found a way around it.

David Sykes spent the day shopping for Black Friday. When he returned home at 10 p.m., he found that burglars had broken into his Wahiawa residence.

"This is where they came in. They punched a hole through the screen," said Sykes, pointing out the bedroom window where the thieves broke in. "They were able to wiggle or loosen up the window because the locks aren't the best because it's an older house."

The burglars also broke into a storage area by prying the lock and made away with a brand new dirt bike.

Sykes had just moved into the home a few weeks ago. The day before the break-in, he and his friends put in a surveillance camera system.

"So we spent the whole day on Thanksgiving installing a security system. Got everything wired, working, testing."

The system has four cameras outside the home and another two inside. Normally, just having surveillance cameras visible is a deterrent. But in this case, the thieves targeted the digital video recorder -- the DVR that records what the cameras see.

"They ripped out and stole (it), which recorded the whole act I'm sure," he said. "They just pulled it and ran with it, I'm sure, breaking HDMI cables and ripping everything out."

Sykes is going to school full-time studying clinical psychology, and is a tutor for kids with learning disabilities wit the LD-ADHD Center of Hawaii on University Avenue. The thieves took iPads and laptops that he uses in his volunteer work.

"I've been doing this for six, seven years. And the stuff that I've acquired an the methods I've learned and the things that I have to help back me up when I'm working with the kids is now all gone."

Sykes would like all the items back, but especially the tools he needs to work with the kids. In the meantime, he'll be beefing up security.

"I'm going to put an alarm system in, make sure the DVR box is secured and is not going to be able to be removed from the house this time."

Anyone with information is asked to call Honolulu police.

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