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Mother flies from mainland to join pregnant wife in search for her missing son

Jeffrey Mink with wife and son Jeffrey Mink with wife and son

At 9:18 Saturday morning, Jeff Meek's nephew received this text from the Kea'au plumber: "I'm walking someplace to cools down." Jason Hampton had gotten a call earlier from his uncle saying his truck was stuck in Pepeekeo.

"When I went down there, I found the truck and it was all locked up so I figured he was out walking home or somewhere. So we kind of just went slowly back through the scenic route, maybe he went that way. We stopped and checked some of the stores, like the Lowe store, possibly where he went to cool down and then just went home -- thought he would show up in the morning," described Hampton.

But Meek did not. His wife Marylou, says she knew something was wrong within hours of him leaving the house Saturday. The plan was for him to work on their 20-acre Pepeekeo parcel and then join her and his 2-year-old son at the beach, but she couldn't get a hold of him.

"It was a red flag and his mom called at noon and said, 'Jeff's not answering his phone'. That's not like Jeff and so that put us into shock and panic and so we waited the 24 hour period and made the missing person's report at noon on the next day," said Marylou, who is four-months pregnant with their second child.

Meek's mother Sandra flew in from the mainland Wednesday night to help organize the search party and make missing person's fliers. She and Marylou joined private investigators to walk the Pepeekeo lot Thursday as Hilo detective canvassed the area and prepared to impound Meek's truck.

"He's a bit of a Mama's boy. He calls six times a day and when I didn't hear from him that morning I became anxious that something was wrong. I guess, call it mother's instinct. He has never in 43 years ever done anything like this. He had everything in the world to live for," said Sandra.

Meek's wife says he was a former water polo player who loved the ocean, but they don't believe he would've gone swimming off the coast where his boots were mysteriously found three days after he had vanished and in an area where his nephew had already searched.

"It's confusing to me especially since my wife and I went down there Sunday evening and didn't see it," Hampton said.

Right now, investigators say they have no reason to suspect foul play.

"We always go on the theory that Jeff is alive and that he's somewhere and that we never give up hope," explained Steve Goodenow of Hawai'i Investigative Group, who was hired by the family.

Marylou is also keeping the faith.

"I'm hoping and praying that everything's okay and that's what I can hold on to for right now. He's my best friend and he's a good man. If they can just help us to find where is he and locate him, that's all we can ask for," she said.

Family members are asking anyone who may have seen Meek or heard anything about his disappearance to contact police immediately.

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