Kailua Beach erosion exposes pipes, wires

Kailua Beach erosion exposes pipes, wires
"Every week when I would come back I would notice a little more and more being exposed and sticking a little more out of the ground," Kailua resident Gary Lockwood said.

He first saw the erosion issue at Kailua Beach Park in July. Yards of plastic pipes and several electrical boxes that once were buried were exposed. He saw it again in September and reported the problem to the city. In October he met with park officials at the beach.

"I was expecting it to be covered the very next day, or maybe a week or two later," he told Hawaii News Now Monday. "I'm really surprised that it's still uncovered."

Uncovered and potentially dangerous. The red and white electrical wires in one box were out in the open. Visitor Earl Gales heard about the beauty of Kailua Beach. He was "unpleasantly" surprised

"I have my wife and two kids out here in the water. Their safety is the most important to me. Seeing that out here it is a very big concern of ours," he said.

It's also a concern for lifeguards. One told us he repeatedly warns young children to stop bouncing on the plastic pipes and playing with the wires.

"Kids are curious. They're going to poke around and get into things," Lockwood said.

He pointed out how two long sections of exposed pipe cross walking paths to the water.

"My concern is someone is going to down here in the night when it's less obvious and trip over it," he said.

"Seeing this is kind of disturbing," Gales said.

Lockwood has also complained to the state. Responses gave him the impression it's unclear if the city or state has jurisdiction. He just wants someone to fix it.

"In my opinion we need to do a better job when it comes to addressing public safety issues," he said.

We brought up the problem again to the city. Late Monday, City Parks and Recreation Department spokesman Jon Hennington told us fencing will be put up around the pipes until they can be reburied and electricity to the conduits has been turned off.

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